TODAY - Gina Phillipi kick's off NWIC 2020 speaker sessions!

NWIC 2020 is excited to have our first speaker, Gina Phillipi, BA present today! "Measles Immunizations: The Need for Evidence-Based School Entry Laws" today at 3:30pm!

About Gina Phillipi, BA Ms. Phillipi is currently a third year medical student at OHSU, and will be entering her MPH year in the fall. Prior to medical school she worked for the CDC in a tuberculosis clinic in Phoenix, AZ. Gina is passionate about pediatrics, public health, and immunization. Measles Immunization: The Need for Evidence-Based School Entry Laws In the past few years measles cases have soared in the United States, with 1282 cases in 2019. As measles outbreaks continue, physicians and public health officials are receiving more questions about accelerated measles vaccine schedules, and if early vaccination will lead to extra measles-containing vaccine doses upon kindergarten entry as a result of state immunization requirements. To dispel concerns about governmental over-reach, while encouraging immunization, state laws should be consistent with guidelines set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Currently 30% of states do not mirror these recommendations; their laws either do not specify age or timing requirements for one or both of the doses, or the recommended timing differs from national guidelines. School vaccine entry laws should be modified to include scientifically based language that aligns with the ACIP routine immunization schedule, so that physicians and public health officials can best support families with clear and consistent messaging. Learning Objectives

  1. ACIP guidelines for measles immunization.

  2. Current status of school entry laws in the Northwest.

  3. Changes needed to school entry laws to mirror current guidelines.

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