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Immunize Oregon is comprised of individual coalition Participants and representatives of Partner Agencies  

These individuals bring their time, expertise, and perspective to support the Mission and Goals of Immunize Oregon.   Each is committed to supporting the Mission and Vision of Immunize Oregon and brings their own level of engagement as projects or topics come along that align with their interests or abilities.  Some are active members on the listserv, other Participants may only attend an occasional conference. 

Participation on the Immunize Oregon coalition is a voluntary role and is not compensated.   No activity or payment is required beyond use of an active email address for the listserv.  There is no time commitment required and many levels of involvement are available based on individual preference.

Sub-committees are established as-needed.  Here are examples of current or past Participant projects:
  • Immunization Conferences and Training  Immunize Oregon Participants are invited to become involved in planning, curriculum design, day-of tasks for our various educational offerings.

  • Continuing Education  This involves creation or provision of RN, Pharm, and CME education courses.  Our Participants often bring special expertise and can be involved in various levels of clinical or community education regarding immunizations.

  • Direct Services   Immunize Oregon sometimes brings partners together to provide free vaccination clinic outreach.  These are a popular way to be involved in protecting our communities.  

  • Expert Testimony  Our coalition is not political.   We are not permitted to endorse candidates, political parties, or legislation.  Immunize Oregon often provides our expertise regarding the potential impact of a proposed policy.  Participants interested in being notified of public input sessions or providing expert testimony are encouraged to join our listserv.

  • Logistics & Consultation –  Some Participants have a special skill they would like to share.  As an all-volunteer network, we can always use some help with the stuff behind the scenes.   Website, outreach, recruitment, health fairs, lugging things, and paperwork are all up for discussion!

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