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August 2020   |   Virtual Event



August 2020   |   Virtual Event





The Northwest Immunization Conference (NWIC) is an annual event bringing together regional and national specialists to learn the latest information on immunizations and vaccine issues impacting health care practices. The curriculum is designed for a diverse field of health professionals, including immunization providers, public health advocates, epidemiologists, students of nursing and medical professions, and program managers seeking a comprehensive knowledge of immunizations.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing needs, Immunize Oregon will be hosting NWIC 2020 as a virtual event with speaker presentations held throughout the month of August. To provide opportunities for attendees to join in the discussion, speaker presentations will be held on a variety of dates and times with the intent of accomodating the busy schedules of health professionals. 

Expert speakers will discuss strategies to address vaccine hesitancy, further the discussion around immunizations in the community, and review vaccine-specific updates. Attendees will have the opportunitiy to participate in educational and clinical skill building training while networking with fellow immunization stakeholders throughout the Pacific Nortwhest. 


Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss innovative and practical strategies to improve communication with patients, parents, and caregivers about the benefits and risks of vaccination and address vaccine hesitancy

  • Describe the role of Points of Dispensing (PODs) and how to effectively set up mass vaccination clinics

  • Examine disease outbreaks and understand how viruses emerge from their animal reservoirs.

  • Describe the impact of COVID-19 and subsequent healthcare response to COVID-19 on routine immunization uptake.

  • Identify best practices for implementing student-led immunization programs in specific practice settings

  • Explore strategies and best practices to increase HPV immunization completion rates in rural clinical practices.

Attend the virtual Northwest Immunization Conference 2020 for your chance to win a Pendleton Blanket! Throughout the month of August, attendees earn points by participating in speaker sessions, completing polls and sureys, posting on discussion boards, visiting exhibitors, etc. The more points you earn the more chances you have to win!

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Join us at Camp NWIC as we pack Summer Fun into one month! Participate in the festivities by following these steps:

1. Register!

Complete the online registration form to gain access to the event platform and live stream all Camp NWIC speaker sessions. Even though we are processing registration as fast as humanly possible, approving access may take up to 1-business day so don't delay! Register now so you have plenty of time navigate the event platform and create your personalized agenda! 

Registration for Camp NWIC is 


Virtually hosting the Northwest Immunization Conference allows more individuals to participate and provides a space to develop and strengthen partnerships with influential leaders while gaining professional education and training from expert speakers. Recognizing August as National Immunization Awareness Month, Immunize Oregon aims to highlight the importance of vaccination by showcasing the latest trends supporting best practices and engaging health professionals in initiatives promoting community immunity. Curriculum was designed to bring together public health professionals, healthcare personnel, epidemiologists, researchers, policy advocates, clinic managers, students, community members and anyone seeking a comprehensive knowledge in immunizations.

Registration includes:

  • Streaming live and recorded expert presentations on your computer, tablet and phone

  • Speaker slides*, handouts and supplemental materials 

  • Continuing education hours (pending approval)

  • Access to the exhibitor showcase

  • Community discussion boards and resource library

  • Chance to win a Pendleton Blanket and other great prizes!
    *Speaker slides will be shared as copyright regulations allow.

2. Create your event login

Once approved, you will receive "Your Ticket to Camp NWIC 2020" email from Jessica Daniels, Immunize Oregon Coordinator, with a link to create an account login and access the event platform all month long! Your email is the golden ticket so make sure to use the email you registered with and create a password to login. Each attendee has a chance to win prizes so tell everyone to join the fun and brag over who has more points! 

Registered attendees will gain access to the virtual sessions and events covering immunization topics throughout the month. This unique opportunity allows attendees to connect with participants, view livestream sessions, download presentation content, visit exhibitor booths, and participate in community discussions using a computer, tablet or phone. Formal presentations and informal discussions encourage an open dialogue between speakers and participants, giving attendees an opportunity to strategize and devise innovative ways to resolve issues.

3. Design your own Agenda 

We have recruited speakers across the nation and searched the ends of the internet to bring you a month packed with immunization-related topics! In addition to Immunize Oregon events, you will find sessions hosted  by other organizations to provide a one-stop-shop for everything immunizations this month! The agenda has two tracks: Camp NWIC and External Events. Camp NWIC sessions will stream directly from the event platform, while External Events will require registering with the host organization. Unfortunately, Immunize Oregon is unable to change External Events and will try our best to facilitiate a smooth connection between attendees and the hosting Organization.

4. Meet new people 

By sharing strategies, resources and tools, we can unite in our efforts to combat the spread of misinformation and gain the trust of our community.  This virtual platform provides a unique setting to converse with health professionals near and far all month long! Build out your attendee profile, introduce yourself with an icebreaker, join in on discussions, visit exhibit booths, and immediately access shared materials. As we enter flu season, develop partnerships with individuals in your region and initiate plans to enhance access and improve immunization rates this year. By sharing strategies, resources and tools, we can unite in our efforts to combat the spread of misinformation and gain the trust of our community.  




The Northwest Immunization Conference will bring together health professionals from a variety of disciplines across the nation. The curriculum will focus on evidence-based immunization topics and sharing of best practices. We encourage networking, discussion and will provide specific agenda time for questions. Interruptions, impoliteness, or disruptive behavior will result in forfeit of NWIC registration fees and dismissal from the event.  

The planning committee, presenters, and funding agencies treat potential or perceived conflicts of interest very seriously. All potential conflicts will be disclosed by presenters and strict limitations exist on any non-educational activities or materials utilized with the clinical education provided at NWIC.  |  503-413-4167

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