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Immunize Oregon  is led by a group of dedicated coalition participants. Each supports the Mission and Vision of Immunize Oregon and brings the unique perspective of their stakeholder group.

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee guides the work of Immunize Oregon by addressing strategy, priority, and emerging partnerships.  It establishes goals to meet the changing needs of the Immunize Oregon coalition participants and partner agencies. The Steering Committee oversees the coalition Coordinator, sets meeting agendas, approves annual budgets and work plans. 

Involvement on the Immunize Oregon Steering Committee is a voluntary role and is not compensated.  Members may be involved as a representative of a partner agency or may be participating as individuals.  The opinions and statements of the Steering Committee or the Immunize Oregon coalition do not necessarily reflect those of any agency or individual regardless of their participation in coalition activities.


Steering Committee Members are held to high standards regarding conflict of interest.  All potential conflicts of interest are disclosed annually.  Certain educational materials will involve more detailed disclosure requirements as needed to exceed the requirements for clinical education accreditation.


The Immunize Oregon Steering Committee meets quarterly and meetings are open for any coalition participant to attend.   Upcoming meetings are posted to the website at least a month in advance.  Agenda time is available by permission of the coalition Coordinator.  Meetings often include updates from partners, review changes to clinical recommendations, and discussion of current immunization topics.  When realistic, a phone or internet option is made available at no cost.  With advanced notice TDD or language interpretation may be made available at no cost.   Meeting minutes and materials are posted to our website for public review.   


Steering Committee?

Immunize Oregon is currently recruiting Members for the Steering Committee.  Join our group and play a key role in improving the lives of Oregonians through prevention of disease. The time commitment ranges from 15 to 40 hours per year. No fundraising or donation is required, but regular attendance to the quarterly Steering Committee meetings and the annual Coalition meetings is expected. 

Interested candidates should email Jessica Daniels, the Immunize Oregon Coordinator, with their name, occupation, organization, and a brief description of what they aim to achieve on leadership.  

Immunize Oregon strives to have representation of these important stakeholders on the Steering Committee:

  • Clinical Education Professionals – Professors, instructors, and preceptors teaching health professionals in Oregon

  • Community Members – Individuals living in Oregon wishing to further the Immunize Oregon Mission & Vision

  • Health Care Professionals   Nursing, medicine, pharmacy, veterinary, allied health, and health care students

  • Hospitals and Health Systems – Inpatient and outpatient clinical settings statewide

  • Long Term Care & Skilled Nursing   Extended duration care across a wide range of environments

  • Preparedness & Resiliency  Programs focused on response and mitigation during disease outbreaks

  • Public Immunization Providers – Clinics practicing under the Vaccines for Children (VFC) or 317 programs

  • Public Health Departments – City, county, state,  and tribal immunization programs

  • Private Immunization Providers – Primary care, family practice, pediatric clinics, women's health clinics

  • Retail Immunization Providers – Mass vaccination specialists, pharmacy stores, urgent care

  • Safety Net Clinics & Direct Services  Non-profit programs and clinicians serving marginalized populations

  • Special Population Clinics – Occupational health, student health, oncology, transplant services, travel medicine

  • Strategic Partners   Advocacy groups, professional associations, local health coalitions, survivor networks