August 13-15   |   Portland, OR

EXHIBITORS & sponsors 



Exhibitors and Sponsors are an important part of the Northwest Immunization Conference. Through your support, your agency can have a unique opportunity to interact with over 400 health professionals, clinicians, educators, policy makers, immunization supporters, and other interested parties from the across the region. Your participation as an Exhibitor or Sponsor will allow you to showcase current technology and trends within the immunization industry.

Your financial support will help fund this not-for-profit clinical education event by enabling members of the healthcare community to come together and engage in a collective learning opportunity. Participants will be able to take the most current information, contacts, and best practices back to their organizations. Audience participants will include leaders, providers and staff from: public health, tribal health, hospitals, primary care, specialty and safety net clinics, health plans and community-based organizations from across the Pacific Northwest. We hope that your organization will join us for this opportunity to host the Northwest Immunization Conference 2019!  

Preference will be given to Exhibitors/Sponsors providing services, products, or publications which are directly applicable to the management or provision immunizations. Immunize Oregon, as conference manager, reserves the right to require the removal of an exhibit or any part of an exhibit which, in the sole judgement of Management, is misleading or deceptive, in poor taste, or incompatible with the character and objectives of the conference. 


Notification of NWIC-accepted Exhibitors and Sponsors will occur within a week of application submission. Exhibitors and Sponsors seeking the Early Bird discount must pay in full by July 12th. All information including name and logo must be submitted by July 12th to ensure full Sponsor benefits. Payments and files received after July 12th are subject to limited Sponsor benefits. 

Contact Alison Dent ( with any questions or concerns 




The three-day Northwest Immunization Conference will bring together over 1200 professionals from a variety of disciplines across the nation. The curriculum will focus on evidence-based immunization topics and sharing of best practices. Agency badges or other ID will be requested upon conference check in. We encourage networking, discussion and will provide specific agenda time for questions. Interruptions, impoliteness, or disruptive behavior will result in forfeit of NWIC registration, hotel fees and dismissal from the event.  

The planning committee, presenters, and funding agencies treat potential or perceived conflicts of interest very seriously. All potential conflicts will be disclosed by presenters and strict limitations exist on any non-educational activities or materials utilized with the clinical education provided at NWIC.