The Northwest Immunization Conference (NWIC) is an annual event bringing together regional and national specialists to learn the latest information on immunizations and vaccine issues impacting health care practices. The curriculum is designed for a diverse field of health professionals, including immunization providers, public health advocates, epidemiologists, students of nursing and medical professions, and program managers seeking a comprehensive knowledge of immunizations.


Expert speakers will discuss strategies to address vaccine hesitancy, further the discussion around immunizations in the community, and review vaccine-specific updates. Attendees will have the opportunitiy to participate in educational workshops and clinical skill building training while networking with fellow immunization stakeholders throughout the Pacific Nortwhest. 


To maintain safety for our community, Immunize Oregon will be hosting NWIC 2021 as a virtual event with speaker presentations held the first two weeks of August. 


Mark your calendars: The Northwest Immunization Conference 2021 will be happening on the Whova virtual platform the week of August 16th. Hosted in partnership with the Oregon HPV Prevention Alliance, virtual events covering vaccine-related topics will be available throughout the week.  Reach out to Molly Sax at mstaple2@pdx.edu with any questions.

Immunize Oregon invites proposals for our virtual Northwest Immunization Conference 2021 for any day/time throughout the week of August 16th, 2021. Submissions will be accepted through July 9th, 2021 by 11:59 p.m. and abstracts addressing immunization-related topics will be categorized based on the coalition’s strategic outcomes: 

  • Community Outreach & Education – 

Community organizing and advancing a rational discussion about vaccinations, including: Trauma-Informed Care, Addressing health inequalities, Enhancing community involvement, etc.

  • Enhancing Clinical Expertise & Best Practice – 

Provide immunization expertise, resources and clinical education based on facts, including: Motivational interviewing, recommended vaccination schedules and catch-up, Influenza forecasting, vaccine manufacturing, proper storage and handling, clinical skill building, etc.  

  • Improving Access & Building Infrastructure –  

The health impacts on vulnerable communities and working toward accessible immunizations to build community resiliency, including: School-based health centers, Vaccines for Children (VFC), ALERT, CCOs, etc.

  • Advocating for Community Immunity –

Advocate for policies based on science and use of sensible disease prevention approaches combating misinformation, including: School vaccination requirements, Combating viral misinformation on social media, Community Immunity campaigns, Effective messaging, etc. 

  • Capacity Building & Mobilization -

Fostering strategic partnerships that improve community health, including: Improving access through community partnerships, health fairs, etc. 

  • Coronavirus & Emergency Response Planning –

Emerging trends and vaccine development, transformational program improvements and changes in healthcare delivery, including: Setting up mass vaccination clinics / PODs, Push Partners, Infectious disease outbreak response, etc. 

Abstract Deadline: 

July 9th, 2021 by 11:59 p.m.


Program Schedule: 

Immunize Oregon will contact you to schedule your presentation date/time once abstracts have been selected. 


AV Needs: 

Presenters will be responsible for their presentation and handouts and Immunize Oregon will support with AV assistance to navigating the virtual platform. More details on the virtual platform will be coming soon!




Virtual sessions will be scheduled based on the availability of the speaker throughout the month of August and will range from 20 minutes to 45 minutes in length with additional time for questions, answers and audience engagement/discussion. Abstracts will be peer reviewed and accepted based on

  • OVERALL – Addresses current research and practices relevant to emerging immunization concerns in the Pacific Northwest

  • IMPACT – Presentation showcases innovative approaches to work towards policies, programs, and practices improving health equity

  • CONTENT – Free from bias and promotion, no use of commercial entities, products, services, logos, or brand names. Presentations must align with the vision and mission of Immunize Oregon and the Oregon HPV Prevention Alliance


All sections of the Abstract Submission Form must be fully completed for consideration. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  1. Title / Author(s) / Speaker(s)

  2. Topic area (strategic outcomes listed above)

  3. Brief Abstract (<700 words): Provide a description of your presentation proposal and include the following: (1) A statement of the problem and/or context, (2) Approach to addressing the problem and conclusion summary and (3) Implications for your work for public health

  4. Learning Objective(s): What actionable items will the attendee learn from your presentation?

  5. Contact Information for all Presenters: Please provide contact information for all presenters.  If you have more than one presenter, please designate a primary contact to be responsible for all communications regarding your prese