Immunize Oregon wants to maximize the available resources for health professionals to engage and learn as much as possible. Sessions hosted by Immunize Oregon are marked with the NWIC 2021 label and will be broadcasted through the virtual platform with access to polling, feedback surveys, and Q&A forum. 




The Northwest Immunization Conference will bring together health professionals from a variety of disciplines across the nation. The curriculum will focus on evidence-based immunization topics and sharing of best practices. We encourage networking, discussion and will provide specific agenda time for questions. Interruptions, impoliteness, or disruptive behavior will result in forfeit of NWIC registration fees and dismissal from the event.  

The planning committee, presenters, and funding agencies treat potential or perceived conflicts of interest very seriously. All potential conflicts will be disclosed by presenters and strict limitations exist on any non-educational activities or materials utilized with the clinical education provided at NWIC.




Reach out to the Northwest Immunization Conference Planning Committee by emailing